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Important Corona Update - Read More Here

Important Corona Virus Update

Relocation to another city or even another state is very important to many people. Some are moving for work, some for love, and some for the adventure of it. But what should never be forgotten in the process is people’s health.

Health and hygiene issues are becoming even more critical today, with the outbreak of the COVID-19, or coronavirus. By following a few simple instructions, we can all help in containing the contagion.

First and foremost – wash your hands, as often as possible, and use the sanitizers with at least 60 percent of alcohol. If you feel the symptoms, call the medical services, and stay indoors with as little contact with others as can be. Also recommended is staying away from public gatherings, especially indoors. In the case of coughing and sneezing, always do it in a tissue or the elbow. Tissue should be put in the trash immediately after use.

Since we are a company with high social consciousness and strong ties with the communities, we hereby send a clear message to all current or potential clients that we see their health and also the health of our crews and employees as a top priority. Therefore, we strengthened the usual measures and introduced some new ones to ensure that everything is done as safely as humanly possible.

Our measures include, among others:

  • Our field teams and employees at all times wear gloves and face masks,
  • Our employees who feel sick are instructed to stay at home and not come to work,
  • Dollies, ramps and other moving equipment is cleaned every day,
  • Our trucks are cleaned and disinfected every day,
  • Every truck and warehouse that our company owns is equipped with sanitizers.

We try our best to do our part, and so ensure safe and orderly relocations.

For more information on recommendations and coronavirus iself, visit the CDC web page.