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        Atlanta Best Moving Company

        Inexpensive, High-Quality Moving Services from Atlanta

        There is no doubt Washington is an amazing place that draws new residents every year. However, there may be a time it no longer meets your needs and you decide to leave and relocate across the country. After thinking this through and deciding on the city to start your life over, it’s time you start planning for the relocation.

        You’re in luck – that’s precisely what Long Distance Movers offer to do for you so that you have more time to take care of other things and prepare emotionally for the big change. Having no experience in state-to-state relocations can cause problems during the process, but there's no reason you need to plan everything on your own. By hiring us, you can avoid any unpleasant situations and be stress-free. Wherever in the country you choose to move, we are here to make that happen.
        Moving And Packing Tips
        Furniture packing for long distance moving

        Professional Packing & Unpacking Services

        One of the most demanding task of a moving process is packing your belongings. While it may seem simple and easy at first, it may quickly explode into a giant problem if not done properly.

        That is why Long Distance Movers also provide professional packing services. Our packers are trained experts who know how to handle each item with the care and attention it requires. 

        In fact, you don’t have to do anything – leave everything to our movers to wrap and load all your belongings. We are equipped with all the moving supplies, which means you don't have to waste your time and money on searching for packing material and buying it yourself. 


        Moving to Atlanta, Georgia With Long Distance Movers

        Do you feel like it is time for a change in your life? Have you decided what it is that you want to change? How about moving to another state? If this is your goal, there is one thing you should do before you embark on your relocation adventure - hire Long Distance Movers. In doing so, you will save yourself a lot of time and moving-related stress. We have a reputation for being the best moving company around for a reason. If you don’t believe us, feel free to check our reviews. Once you hire us you will quickly realize that you have made the right choice. Long Distance Movers offer safe, inexpensive, and high-quality moving services. Over several decades, we have been providing our customers with the most reliable long-distance moving services in the country. Our staff is comprised of well-trained experts who have years of experience and can handle your relocation professionally. Have you decided where you want to move? Is Atlanta, Georgia your destination of choice? If so, make sure you get to know the city better, and then let us be your Atlanta movers. And even if it's not - you can still count on us to help you relocate. We provide moving services from and to any place in the country!

        About Atlanta, Georgia

        If you have ever visited the city of Atlanta, you know how beautiful of a place it is. The capital of Georgia is on its way up. Not only is it home to a world class airport, but its expanding business community and diverse neighborhoods make the city a great place to live. Moving to Atlanta means having access to great restaurants, unique shops and numerous other amenities. The city was host to the 1996 Olympic Games, is the capital of the state of Georgia, and is currently the economic and cultural leader of the South. The city is located among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, with an elevation of 1,050 feet. Known as the Gate City, Atlanta is home to almost half a million people, while a little less than 6 million live in its metro area.

        Atlanta's Neighborhoods

        Atlanta is home to almost 250 neighborhoods. They are distinct, vibrant areas with unique charm. Some of the best neighborhoods to live in Atlanta are:

        • Glenwood Park
        • Midtown
        • Decatur
        • Atlantic Station
        • Inman Park
        • And others.

        Have you already found the perfect place for yourself? If not, click here to learn more about Atlanta’s beautiful neighborhoods.

        Climate in Atlanta

        The weather in Atlanta is somewhat cooler than other places in the US South, which certainly helped the growth of the city throughout history. Atlanta experiences a very wide range of temperatures. Atlanta winters are overall mild to warm, but cold-fronts can bring accumulations of snow and average low temperatures sometimes plummet below 20. However, winter days are usually in the 50s and nights in the 30s. Ice-storms are quite rare. Summers are pretty hot and humid, with temperatures often reaching above 90°F. For this reason, the city is sometimes jokingly referred to as Hotlanta. Most of the rain falls in late winter and early spring, while afternoon thunderstorms are common in summer. In addition, there is a hurricane season from June to November.

        Things to Do in Atlanta, Georgia

        Once you move to Atlanta, you will probably want to get to know the city better. Luckily, there is a lot to do here! The city of Atlanta sets aside quite a bit of funding for the development of public art. The city also hosts great music festivals, such as the Atlanta Jazz Festival.

        Aside from music, Atlanta is home to a wide variety of attractions that appeal to everyone’s taste. If you are a fan of art exhibits, head over to the Pemberton Place. There you will also find many of Atlanta's biggest attractions, such as:

        • the World of Coca-Cola, where you can learn about the history of the world’s favorite drink,
        • the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium by volume, where you can even swim with the whale shark,
        • the CNN Center and Studio Tour, where you can take a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run one of the world’s leading news sources.

        Atlanta is also home to great museums. These include:

        Atlanta's Outdoors

        If you are still not sure whether Atlanta is the right place for you or not, we suggest you go out and explore the city’s outdoors. If you are an adventurous person who likes spending time out in the open, you will definitely love it here. Atlanta offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking in the Stone Mountain, paddling down the Chattahoochee River, or simply walking or jogging in one of the numerous parks.

        Are you ready to start calling Atlanta home? If so, all you have to do is contact Long Distance Movers. Our representatives will provide you with the best interstate moving prices in the country, as well as additional moving tips. Contact Long Distance Movers today to schedule your relocation to Atlanta, Georgia.

        Long Distance Movers
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        Moving from Chicago to Atlanta
        Moving from Philadelphia to Atlanta

        Excellent Customer Satisfaction

        Moving Services Tailored For You

        Long Distance Movers offer to provide you with various moving services tailored to make your relocation as comfortable as possible. These include the following:
        Residential moving
        Corporate Moving
        Storage Service
        Car Shipping
        (Open & Enclosed)
        Atlanta Long Distance Movers

        Atlanta Long Distance Movers Review


        Long Distance Movers stood out and impressed me the most, their structure was well formatted and the way they presented me with recent references I could refer to created that comfort I needed... To sum up my wonderful experience I want to say with no doubt I would recommend and continue using this company.

        • Marie L. Avatar

          LDM helped me with a partial move from our house to an apartment that I was going to be living at for a year for a contracting project. They moved... read more

          Marie L. 5/27/2017
        • David S. Avatar

          5 star rating Gods and prompt service. They helped us move a one bedroom and nothing was broken or dinged. Also very friendly!

          David S. 3/31/2014
        • Justin F. Avatar

          5 star rating I initially spoke with Jake who helped me with our quotation. Earlier today Steve and his crew came packed everything up for my 1br apt. They even had to perform... read more

          Justin F. 6/29/2016
        • jenny l. Avatar

          5 star rating the company is very reliable. they came on time, very efficient & they know how to
          do the job right. Constantine & Nurjan are great & you can count on them...
          read more

          jenny l. 4/27/2014
        • Jesus H. Avatar

          5 star rating Zhenia and the guys really did an awesome job of moving my family. They got there and took care of all the stuff. They really took care of all our... read more

          Jesus H. 6/07/2014
        • Tiya L. Avatar

          5 star rating Big thanks to Long Distance Movers for making my move easy and efficient. Extremely professional crew, that was very gentle with all my belongings. Couldn't be more happy with the... read more

          Tiya L. 1/15/2016
        • Paul C. Avatar

          Movers arrived right when they said they'd be, at 9am sharp, I moved from a 2 story home to a one story home. The guys who came were very professional,... read more

          Paul C. 3/06/2018
        • Tommy D.Dallas, TX Avatar

          5 star rating Great service to have! cost efficient and friendly. Great staff that helped us move from Dallas to New Orleans in a few days.

          Tommy D.Dallas, TX 5/07/2016
        • Joranza R. Avatar

          Long Distance Movers did a phenomenal job of getting my furniture & car to my home, so fast & easy. No damage at all! The cost of everything was affordable... read more

          Joranza R. 8/19/2016
        • Casey W. Avatar

          5 star rating I will never listen to anybody about moving recommendations again, these guys are the only guys I will ever hire if I need help in the future. On the very... read more

          Casey W. 10/08/2016
        • Marina B. Avatar

          5 star rating Fantastic moving service that keeps you feeling protected and safe. The price we got was upfront and very reasonable. They worked their hearts out from the moment they got to... read more

          Marina B. 11/02/2016
        • Ankur K. Avatar

          5 star rating In moving my clinic equipment across state lines, I had a lot to consider. Of most importance was that my equipment arrive in pristine condition. These guys were professional, courteous,... read more

          Ankur K. 1/25/2016
        • Jay S. Avatar

          5 star rating Fantastic company and amazing rates. Their service and communication throughout the process was five star. This is the first time I used a professional moving company to move from Philadelphia... read more

          Jay S. 7/26/2018
        • Diane M. Avatar

          5 star rating It took us weeks until we finally found the right company that we felt comfortable with hiring, there were many concerns we had about the guys who we would choose... read more

          Diane M. 8/31/2016
        • Zoe G. Avatar

          5 star rating I had a great experience with Dan and his crew. I moved from Michigan to New York this past summer and they made the move really easy for me. I... read more

          Zoe G. 12/03/2017
        • Nina N. Avatar

          My last move just could not be better. The guy I talked to was very prompt and helpful with the assessment, quote and the overall move arrangement. He was replying... read more

          Nina N. 12/19/2017
        • Alice C. Avatar

          They were excellent. The two movers show up and the job was a little bigger than they thought. So they sent out for third guy and they got it done... read more

          Alice C. 3/06/2018
        • Liana H. Avatar

          5 star rating The service Long Distance Movers provided to me was awesome! It seemed I found the gem of moving companies when I gave them a call. Price was a lot cheaper... read more

          Liana H. 2/13/2016
        • Hassan K. Avatar

          5 star rating Had to move my agency to a different state. Much of my equipment is delicate and needs to be handled carefully. Working with Long Distance Movers, my delivery... read more

          Hassan K. 1/25/2016
        • Kiki E. Avatar

          5 star rating We couldn't be happier choosing Long Distance Movers for our move! Their price was within our range and the staff was very friendly and professional. They packed everything very quickly... read more

          Kiki E. 3/15/2016
        • Nicole R. Avatar

          5 star rating I used Long Distance Movers to ship my car across the country and was happy about my service with them. My car was delivered within the time frame and... read more

          Nicole R. 9/25/2017
        • Bianca T. Avatar

          5 star rating Such a pleasant company to deal with in regards to having your home or office space moved out. They were so willing to cooperate with us in any way possible,... read more

          Bianca T. 6/21/2016
        • Mary Ann B. Avatar

          5 star rating Zhenia and crews were so professional, kind , and helpful. They made my move easy and stress free. Thank you soo much guys!!!!

          Mary Ann B. 5/01/2014
        • Yun O. Avatar

          5 star rating These movers are efficient. Though they got lost on the way to my new place, they were able to finish the job within the expected time frame.

          Yun O. 5/03/2014
        • Alisa V. Avatar

          5 star rating We happened to pick this company not knowing what to expect. We simply hired them because these guys were the only ones available, and wow, I have to say I... read more

          Alisa V. 3/31/2016
        • Melina A. Avatar

          5 star rating Things just were not going our way in this move, everything we tried to prepare to make our job easier did not work out. My friend was graduating from law... read more

          Melina A. 6/14/2016
        • Matthew M. Avatar

          5 star rating Long Distance Movers were extremely helpful to me as I haven't moved for many years, and they didn't know where to start, however everything sorted with no trouble. The company... read more

          Matthew M. 4/22/2016
        • Kurt L. Avatar

          5 star rating This is the second time I've used this company. First from Chicago to NYC and then NYC to Baltimore. Mathias and his crew were amazing. He loaded me in NY... read more

          Kurt L. 8/16/2017
        • John D. Avatar

          5 star rating Most of the reviews for this company were for moving experiences, but I figured hey, if they can do a good job moving houses, a car would be easier to... read more

          John D. 11/13/2016
        • Paola V.Washington, DC Avatar

          5 star rating I was changing offices needed 3 filing cabinets moved a few desks and refrigerator moved on short notice. 2 places I called were booked so I decided to use this... read more

          Paola V.Washington, DC 2/25/2016
        • Max M. Avatar

          The experience was good from the beginning when I spoke to someone to set the move up. On the day of the move, the movers were on time. They were... read more

          Max M. 2/05/2018
        • Gertie J. Avatar

          Fantastic moving service! They really take much pride in customer service. I called a week in advance for a long move across the country. Movers were prompt, enthusiastic, and handled... read more

          Gertie J. 9/14/2017
        • Harvey P. Avatar

          I was so thrilled with the crew. We had a complicated, multi-day, multi-location move for a high- profile event, and our move went so smoothly. Many thanks to the guys... read more

          Harvey P. 10/02/2017
        • Katty P. Avatar

          My experience with LDM was memorable. From the very beginning of my move to the day of delivery they were easy to deal with and efficient . The movers took... read more

          Katty P. 1/18/2017
        • Josefina B. Avatar

          I liked these guys for their flexibility. Everything about the move was completely seamless. The movers were on time. They were very friendly. They called and reviewed my items before... read more

          Josefina B. 2/12/2018
        • Luis F. Avatar

          5 star rating As time progressed we increasingly became more confident that we made the right decision for choosing to work with these movers. We had a very strict date to meet our... read more

          Luis F. 6/20/2016
        • Prashant Kumar S. Avatar

          5 star rating It was an great experience. Mark helped me to get all the details and plan the move. Because of some reason, I had to reschedule my move by few hours,... read more

          Prashant Kumar S. 6/30/2016
        • Krish V. Avatar

          5 star rating Long distance movers are a thoroughly professional outfit. I had the need for a very specific moving solution, involving a long distance move from NY to LA and storage for... read more

          Krish V. 12/12/2017
        • Mark L. Avatar

          5 star rating At the end of the day you just want to be happy and rest assured that the company you hire to help you on a long distance move is actually... read more

          Mark L. 9/09/2016
        • John M. Avatar

          5 star rating Who is never worried about a large state to state move? I was panicking because of a move-out deadline but Long Distance Movers answered the call and saved me from... read more

          John M. 2/16/2016

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