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        Los Angeles Moving Company

        Inexpensive, High-Quality Moving Services from Los Angeles, CA

        There is no doubt Los Angeles is an amazing place that draws new residents every year. However, there may be a time it no longer meets your needs and you decide to leave and relocate across the country. After thinking this through and deciding on the city to start your life over, it’s time you start planning for the relocation.

        You’re in luck – that’s precisely what Long Distance Movers offer to do for you so that you have more time to take care of other things and prepare emotionally for the big change. Having no experience in state-to-state relocations can cause problems during the process, but there's no reason you need to plan everything on your own. By hiring us, you can avoid any unpleasant situations and be stress-free. Wherever in the country you choose to move, we are here to make that happen.

        Nearby City: West Covina
        Moving And Packing Tips
        Furniture packing for long distance moving

        Professional Packing & Unpacking Services

        One of the most demanding task of a moving process is packing your belongings. While it may seem simple and easy at first, it may quickly explode into a giant problem if not done properly.

        That is why Long Distance Movers also provide professional packing services. Our packers are trained experts who know how to handle each item with the care and attention it requires. 

        In fact, you don’t have to do anything – leave everything to our movers to wrap and load all your belongings. We are equipped with all the moving supplies, which means you don't have to waste your time and money on searching for packing material and buying it yourself. 

        los angeles moving company

        Moving to Los Angeles, California with Long Distance Movers

        Is Los Angeles your dream city? Are you perhaps considering moving to Los Angeles? You have made the right decision! Los Angeles, often known as just L.A., is an amazing place to live in. However, there are several things you need to know when it comes to moving to another country. Before you start your relocation process, it is essential that you find a reliable moving company. If you’re looking for affordable cross country movers – look no further! Long Distance Movers will be available to you 24/7, day and night – everything you need to do is just give us a call! Some of the services we offer are:

        • Moving supplies – these include moving boxes, harnesses, plastic wraps, and other packing materials
        • Long distance car transport
        • Interstate relocation – residential and corporate
          Professional packing services – packing, unpacking, dismantling and reassembling
        • As well as many more!

        Before you start to plan your relocation in depth, you might want to learn more about your future city of residence. You’re in luck! Long Distance Movers have decided to save you a ton of time by searching the internet for you. We have compiled a short guide containing all the necessary information. Continue reading to find out why Los Angeles is the perfect choice for you.


        About Los Angeles, California

        Los Angeles (Spanish for “The Angels”) represents the financial, cultural and commercial center of Southern California. The city is located in a large coastal basin and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Los Angeles represents the focal point of the Greater Los Angeles Area, one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world! It is also famous for being the home of Hollywood. To learn more about notable people from L.A., click here

        The Weather in Los Angeles, California

        One of the most essential things you need to learn before you start your relocation process is what the weather and climate are like in that city, due to the fact that this can greatly impact your packing process. Los Angeles climate is predominantly Mediterranean, with little to no precipitation annually. With an average of only 35 days with precipitation, Los Angeles has a lot of sunny days throughout the entire year. Extremely cold temperatures and snow are very rare in the Los Angeles area. If you’re someone who enjoys summertime throughout the entire year, moving to Los Angeles is definitely the right thing for you!

        The people of Los Angeles, California

        The people of Los Angeles are referred to as Angelenos. According to the 2010 US Census, Los Angeles is home to more than 3,792,621 people, making it the second most populous city in the US. These people come from more than 140 countries speaking 224 different languages! The city’s ethnic enclaves such as Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Little Bangladesh, Thai Town etc. represent the examples of the polyglot character of L.A. Christianity is the most prevalent religion in Los Angeles (65%). This region also has the second largest population of Jews in the US. Due to the very diverse multi-ethnic population of Los Angeles, other religions are also practiced, including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.

        Where to Live in Los Angeles, California

        One of the most important steps you need to take in order to ensure smooth relocation to Los Angeles is choosing the neighborhood which can best accommodate your everyday needs. Because it is often not possible to travel to your desired city before actually moving, Long Distance Movers have come up with a short list of the best neighborhood L.A. has to offer. These include:

        Atwater Village. This neighborhood will suit you perfectly if you’re young and not quite ready to start a family and settle down. The average one-bedroom rent is $1,387 per month. This is a great place if you can’t decide whether you want to eat at Panda Express or at a breakfast burrito joint. When it comes to transportation, this is a great choice since it’s near a bus line which directly connects to the freeway.

        Beverly Grove. This is one of the more luxurious areas Los Angeles has to offer. If you’re single and love great food, this is the perfect choice for you. The average one-room bedroom is $1,685 per month. When it comes to dining, it’s hard to go wrong, but very easy to end up broke. The transportation situation is not that great, since there’s heavy traffic throughout the majority of the day.

        Burbank. This is a great neighborhood for those who enjoy spending their day window shopping and visiting various department stores, ranging from IKEA to Target. The average one-bedroom rent is $1,703 per month. Burbank probably has the biggest assortment of different people. There are a ton of great places if you enjoy dining out. Regarding transportation, it’s enough to mention that Burbank right near the best airport in L.A. If you’re still unsure to which neighborhood you would like to relocate or need more options, click here

        Moving to Los Angeles, California

        Once you have decided on the perfect neighborhood for yourself, it is time to begin the relocation process. Contact Long Distance Movers right away to get the best interstate moving price estimates in the US. Our representatives will be more than happy to provide you with any additional information you might need regarding our services, which also include interstate residential moving, corporate relocation, free storage units and many more. Feel free to contact Long Distance Movers today to schedule your relocation to Los Angeles, California.

        Moving from Washington to San Jose, CA
        Moving from Washington to Los Angeles, CA 

        Excellent Customer Satisfaction

        Moving Services Tailored For You

        Long Distance Movers offer to provide you with various moving services tailored to make your relocation as comfortable as possible. These include the following:
        Residential moving
        Corporate Moving
        Storage Service
        Car Shipping
        (Open & Enclosed)
        Los Angeles Long Distance Movers

        Los Angeles Long Distance Movers Review


        Long Distance Movers stood out and impressed me the most, their structure was well formatted and the way they presented me with recent references I could refer to created that comfort I needed... To sum up my wonderful experience I want to say with no doubt I would recommend and continue using this company.

        • Krish V. Avatar

          5 star rating Long distance movers are a thoroughly professional outfit. I had the need for a very specific moving solution, involving a long distance move from NY to LA and storage for... read more

          Krish V.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Patricio A. Avatar

          5 star rating Long Distance Movers is the most wonderfully managed company. I found them on Yelp without much research. I typed in "Moving Company" and they were the first to... read more

          Patricio A.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Vonnie H. Avatar

          5 star rating I highly recommend Long Distance for transporting your vehicle long distance. I was so impressed on how quickly my car was transported from Virginia to California it only took them... read more

          Vonnie H.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • James E. Avatar

          5 star rating We found their website informative and easy to use. The team showed up on time. They were hard working, professional, and thorough. They made our move seem easy. ... read more

          James E.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Jaime A.Los Angeles, CA Avatar

          5 star rating Easy move. A bit pricey but everything arrived safe and on time

          Jaime A.Los Angeles, CA
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Greta T. Avatar

          5 star rating What an AMAZING job these guys did! Not
          only were they on time but they worked with professionalism and great care. What sweet guys! This was the best referral from a...
          read more

          Greta T.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Diana M. Avatar

          5 star rating I recently moved from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. I did tons of research and spend plenty of time reading reviews. I chose Long Distance Movers because of their reviews,... read more

          Diana M.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Yun O. Avatar

          5 star rating These movers are efficient. Though they got lost on the way to my new place, they were able to finish the job within the expected time frame.

          Yun O.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Julie R. Avatar

          5 star rating This was the most wonderful moving experience I could have ever hoped for!!! We moved from California to Northern VA and everything went so smoothly! Everyone at Long... read more

          Julie R.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Akanksha N. Avatar

          5 star rating We just moved from virginia to Texas and long distance Movers did great job.They are very responsive at any stage of your move.Highly professional staff at pickup and delivery.My Houshold... read more

          Akanksha N.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Jeremy F. Avatar

          5 star rating I worked with Patrick to set up my move. Very straight forward process. Adjust your move list as many times as you want. Very responsive. Delivered... read more

          Jeremy F.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Catherine L. Avatar

          5 star rating Very happy with the service here! Worked with Hayk and Nurzhan. They came on time and moved me so quickly! This is my second time using this company and I... read more

          Catherine L.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Jeff G. Avatar

          5 star rating Absolutely the best moving experience I've had and I've moved a lot. Outstanding customer service, very flexible and rates were great compared to others. Movers were careful and... read more

          Jeff G.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Neely S. Avatar

          5 star rating Mar and Ilmar were beyond amazing! I have moved 10 times in the last 10 years and have had some mediocre experiences. I would recommend this company to anyone who... read more

          Neely S.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • C P. Avatar

          5 star rating Found Long Distance Movers on Yelp. Spoke to Mark who promptly scheduled an estimator to come to our apartment for a guaranteed quote. I also wanted to get quotes from... read more

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          Los Angeles, CA
        • Jill S. Avatar

          5 star rating In the last year, my son relocated from Boston, MA to Palm Springs, CA and then back to Boston. Long distance movers was excellent. Administrators worked with our... read more

          Jill S.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Yasmine K. Avatar

          4 star rating LDM helped me move from Boston to LA this year and overall the experience was very smooth. I paid around $2600 for my studio apartment move (3rd floor at both... read more

          Yasmine K.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Ilya V. Avatar

          5 star rating No matter what it is that forces you to leave your cozy town and move all the way to the other part of the country, you need to find someone... read more

          Ilya V.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Luis F. Avatar

          5 star rating As time progressed we increasingly became more confident that we made the right decision for choosing to work with these movers. We had a very strict date to meet our... read more

          Luis F.
          Los Angeles, CA
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          5 star rating Long distance movers was extremely helpful in my move from la to Princeton New Jersey. I actually shipped my car over the Christmas holidays but the driver got it there... read more

          Eriko S.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Amirah A.Los Angeles, CA Avatar

          5 star rating You always hear the horrors of moving. I was scheduled to move from Washington DC to LA in a very specific date range. After diligent research Long Distance not only... read more

          Amirah A.Los Angeles, CA
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Ken K. Avatar

          5 star rating Not sure how I found them but called for a quote to move my condo from Philadelphia to San Diego and talked to Mark K. He was great, as a... read more

          Ken K.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Ravi R. Avatar

          5 star rating Zhenia and Nurhan were great! Excellent job! Quick and efficient. Recommended to anyone looking for reliable help!

          Ravi R.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Ricky Z. Avatar

          5 star rating The guys are very professional and did a great job help me moving very smoothly, I will definitely ask them for help again !

          Ricky Z.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Robert Q. Avatar

          5 star rating Long Distance Movers just moved me into my new place here in Los Angeles. Everything went very smoothly from the start. Initially I spoke with Jay who helped me get... read more

          Robert Q.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Greg M. Avatar

          5 star rating Constantine and his crew just finished my two pickup move and they were great.

          Definitely use these guys

          Greg M.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Justin F. Avatar

          5 star rating I initially spoke with Jake who helped me with our quotation. Earlier today Steve and his crew came packed everything up for my 1br apt. They even had to perform... read more

          Justin F.
          Los Angeles, CA
        • Hilary B. Avatar

          5 star rating We used these guys a couple days ago for our move. Mike, Zuki and Konstantin were our movers. They showed up exactly on... read more

          Hilary B.
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          5 star rating If you're looking for a moving company that's reliable, efficient and affordable, you can't go wrong with the Long Distance Movers! They moved my belongings from Los Angeles, CA all... read more

          Jenelle S.
          Los Angeles, CA

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