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        Houston Moving Company

        Moving from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California

        Houston Moving Company
        Are you considering relocating to a different city? Do you want to explore other options and embark on a journey to another place? Are you tired of your surroundings and desperate for a change, or maybe you are being relocated due to a better business offer? Whatever your reason for relocating is, even if the reason is none of the above, we at Long Distance Movers are there to assist you, inform you and, eventually, help you move. We are a professional Houston moving company at your disposal for anything regarding your long distance move.
        We offer our services when it comes to packing your house and your belongings, shipping your vehicle, and even planning your moving budget. We will not only help you pack your things and move them safely, but also help you make a list of things you may want to know if you choose to move to a place like Los Angeles. When you leave it to our trained long distance movers and packers to wrap your belongings, you can rest assured everything will be delivered intact to your new house. 
        As for auto transport, in particular, you should know that there are several options for you to choose from. Depending on the type of vehicle you want transported and its value, you can choose between open and enclosed trailers. The latter are somewhat costly, so we recommend them only if a customer owns a highly valuable show car or a car collection. Otherwise, you can rest assured that your four-wheeled companion will be safe on an open carrier, as well. Another choice you get to make with us as your Houston moving company is between door to door and terminal to terminal long distance car shipping. Again, you can pick either one of these depending on your needs and preferences and be certain that your vehicle will be in excellent hands. If you have any questions about auto transport or your long distance move in general, do not hesitate to give us a call. 
        Moving to different cities in America can mean having to adapt to a new climate, people and generally adapting to an entirely different lifestyle, but do not let that frighten you. Moving to a new place may at times be scary, but is always exciting and it can be really fun. You get to explore different parts of your country, meet new people, learn new things and even acquire some new habits. Here are the main differences between Houston and Los Angeles:

        Weather in LA

        Weather in these two cities differs quite much, so if you are tired of the hot weather in Houston, maybe Los Angeles will be a better fit for you. The average maximum temperature in Los Angeles is 24.20 degrees Celsius, which is more than two degrees less than in Houston, Texas. And the average minimum temperature is lower as well, so is the average temperature in general. So if you are looking for a little bit of freshness, this is where you can find it. On the other hand, Houston has a lot more rainy days than Los Angeles, and we do mean a lot, the difference is around 80 days- that is 104 rainy days in average in Houston, and 35 in Los Angeles.

        Population of LA

        If you are interested in finding out more about the people living in you potential new home (which you probably are), here are some more interesting facts about the population in these two cities: First of all, Los Angeles has almost twice as much people living in it than your current home town. The population diversity and the balance of male and female population is pretty much the same in both cities (a little more women than men), but the population density is vastly different. In Los Angeles, there are 3198 people living per square kilometer, while that number is significantly lower in Houston (1510 people per square kilometer).
         You are more than welcome to look at our other reviews of different cities, and if you are still not sure about Los Angeles, maybe you will find a city that is more to your liking. However, whenever you do make a final decision, give us a call and let Long Distance Movers help you with vehicle shipping, moving boxes, interstate moving, storage and packing tips and even more than that. You have a reliable Houston moving company by your side, so don’t miss the chance to schedule your relocation with top-notch long distance movers. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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        We are dedicated to helping you relocate your car, office or home efficiently and with as little stress as possible.
        We will assist you with packing, provide moving boxes and other moving supplies, help with unpacking, storage units for your belongings, as well as regular and enclosed auto transport.