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Oregon Long Distance Movers

Inexpensive, reliable moving services

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        Oregon Moving Company

        Inexpensive, High-Quality Moving Services from Oregon

        There is no doubt Oregon is an amazing place that draws new residents every year. However, there may be a time it no longer meets your needs and you decide to leave and relocate across the country. After thinking this through and deciding on the city to start your life over, it’s time you start planning for the relocation.

        You’re in luck – that’s precisely what Long Distance Movers offer to do for you so that you have more time to take care of other things and prepare emotionally for the big change. Having no experience in state-to-state relocations can cause problems during the process, but there's no reason you need to plan everything on your own. By hiring us, you can avoid any unpleasant situations and be stress-free. Wherever in the country you choose to move, we are here to make that happen.
        Moving And Packing Tips
        Furniture packing for long distance moving

        Professional Packing & Unpacking Services

        One of the most demanding task of a moving process is packing your belongings. While it may seem simple and easy at first, it may quickly explode into a giant problem if not done properly.

        That is why Long Distance Movers also provide professional packing services. Our packers are trained experts who know how to handle each item with the care and attention it requires. 

        In fact, you don’t have to do anything – leave everything to our movers to wrap and load all your belongings. We are equipped with all the moving supplies, which means you don't have to waste your time and money on searching for packing material and buying it yourself. 

        Oregon Moving Company

        Moving to or from Oregon with Long Distance Movers

        You are moving to another state and you have chosen Oregon as the perfect place for you to live in. In that case, you must be looking for a reliable Oregon moving company to help you with the relocation process. Well, you're in luck, because you have found us! Long Distance Movers are the perfect choice for you!

        Long Distance Movers is a reliable team of moving experts that provide a wide range of relocation services. Whether you only need your belongings transported to your new address, or you would prefer someone to do all the hard work for you - our long distance movers are at your service. Our professional packers will organize and pack everything in no time. We use state-of-the-art moving materials, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be completely safe. Moreover, our company offers free storage services for the first thirty days of your long distance move, as well. We will take care of your belongings until you can move everything to your new home in Oregon. In addition, our packers will be more than happy to help you unpack everything upon arrival. Another service we offer is long distance car shipping. We can transport all kinds of vehicles including motorcycles, hybrids, sports cars, exotic cars, trucks, minivans, vans, pickups, and more. We are a reliable Oregon moving company that can deliver your vehicle intact to the given address on an open or enclosed carrier - the choice is yours. If you own a show car which needs full protection, we recommend enclosed car shipping. Otherwise, you can rest assured your four-wheeled companion will be safe on an open trailer, as well. We also offer both door to door and terminal to terminal auto transport, so you can pick either one of the two options, depending on your needs and preferences. Contact our representatives to find out more about our auto transport services. Do remember that we can ship your vehicle to any place in the US.

        Choose wisely and you will avoid the stress caused by the moving process. Choose one of the best long distance moving companies - choose Long Distance Movers. For more information about the state you are moving to, take a look at the following article.

        About the State of Oregon

        Oregon is a state located on the West Coast. Its capital is the city of Salem, and its largest city is Portland. The state probably got its name from the Spaniards and is most likely a reference to oregano. People from Oregon are referred to as Oregonians, and there are more than 4 million of them.

        The Weather in the State of Oregon

        Oregon is one of the most geographically diverse states in the country. This fact has a large impact on the climate of the region. The weather in Oregon is mostly mild and pleasant. However, it can have great variations depending on the part of the state you are located in. For example, the northeastern part of the state is covered in steppes, while the mountainous areas experience subarctic climate.

        Things to Do in the State of Oregon

        Oregon is home to a number of tourists attractions and places of interest. Once you move here, you should definitely visit the following:We're sure you can't wait to visit these and other beautiful places in Oregon, but the good news is that you don't have to wait now that you have a reliable Oregon moving company by your side to help you make your wish come true.

        Education in the State of Oregon

        If you are moving to Oregon with your children, you will be happy to learn that this state is home to a number of great schools and universities. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

        The Economy of the State of Oregon

        If you are moving to the state of Oregon in hopes of finding a job here, we have good news - the state's economy is quite strong and very diverse. So whatever your profession is, you are likely to find something for yourself here. Oregon's economy relies on a number of sectors, namely agriculture, forestry, fishing, construction, tourism, entertainment, and technology. The state is also home to the headquarters of a number of large companies, such as Nike, Harry and David, Lithia Motors, Mentor Graphics, Adidas, and others.

        Are you ready to move to the State of Oregon? If you are, what are you waiting for? Give our Oregon moving company a ring, and we will help you relocate in no time. There's no need to look for a reputable Oregon moving company anymore - we are here for you, ready to make your long distance relocation to Oregon as comfortable as possible.

        Moving from Portland to Washington, DC
        Moving from Eugene to Syracuse, NY 

        Excellent Customer Satisfaction

        Moving Services Tailored For You

        Long Distance Movers offer to provide you with various moving services tailored to make your relocation as comfortable as possible. These include the following:
        Residential moving
        Corporate Moving
        Storage Service
        Car Shipping
        (Open & Enclosed)
        Oregon Long Distance Movers

        Oregon Long Distance Movers Review


        Long Distance Movers stood out and impressed me the most, their structure was well formatted and the way they presented me with recent references I could refer to created that comfort I needed... To sum up my wonderful experience I want to say with no doubt I would recommend and continue using this company.

        • Edith J. Avatar

          They handled my sister’s move. I was there to help my sister. But I had to do nothing. Even my sister did nothing. The movers were very experienced and professional.... read more

          Edith J. 2/12/2018
        • Ruben Z. Avatar

          5 star rating Wow what an experience! I needed help moving back after my time at SF University. I got a great price from these guys and unlike my last moving experience they... read more

          Ruben Z. 1/31/2016
        • Dave T. Avatar

          5 star rating Zhenia and crew moved a truck load of our household goods today from Newport to Anaheim. The were great - fast yet careful and finished the job within the... read more

          Dave T. 5/02/2014
        • Ella H. Avatar

          They arrived a little bit early they were very professional and they were very quick. I mean those guys were strong. Movers were picking up everything and putting it away... read more

          Ella H. 2/05/2018
        • Greg K. Avatar

          5 star rating I love long distance movers! Company management is really committed to making your move as easy as possible. In my experience, they showed up to my sister's house on time,... read more

          Greg K. 2/07/2016
        • Lora S. Avatar

          We hired them 2 months ago and had a great experience, so we used them for this move also. William and his crews were great. They showed up on time... read more

          Lora S. 10/02/2017
        • Anthony S. Avatar

          5 star rating I used this company to move back home after college. rates were good and everything went smooth. Nice guys too.

          Anthony S. 1/25/2016
        • Mike L. Avatar

          5 star rating Once we decided to begin the preparations, we realized picking an interstate moving company is way more work than we had thought.
          We came across many moving companies that would offer...
          read more

          Mike L. 5/22/2017
        • Erma L. Avatar

          5 star rating Mike, Constantin and Arthur were GREAT! They arrived right on time, moved all of our things with care, and were very friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend !!! ... read more

          Erma L. 3/28/2014
        • Marjorie C. Avatar

          5 star rating I am a very pleased customer! On that day we had a truck with 2 crew to move my 1 bedroom apartment. We scheduled at 8 am and the crew... read more

          Marjorie C. 4/14/2016
        • Arpa S.Miami, FL Avatar

          5 star rating This move has been insane! But LDM made it so much easier...

          We're just now unpacking all of the boxes that Long Distance Movers have delivered to us from our move...
          read more

          Arpa S.Miami, FL 4/11/2016
        • Jasmin G. Avatar

          5 star rating Steve and josh are amazing , they made a long distance move for my family and nothing was broken . Affordable

          Jasmin G. 6/21/2016
        • Eric P. Avatar

          This was the first time I've ever hired professional movers and I was concerned about being ripped off, but I had a great experience and the total cost was less... read more

          Eric P. 10/06/2015
        • Mary A. Avatar

          5 star rating I was looking into practicing piano and my relatives had a grand piano in Vancouver. Grand pianos are a little pricey so I figured using a shipping company to help... read more

          Mary A. 2/13/2016
        • Kristin B. Avatar

          5 star rating Constantine and Victor were great! They helped me move my one bedroom apartment in a local move 10 miles away. They provided the shrink wrap, moving blankets, dolly, and wardrobe... read more

          Kristin B. 6/07/2014
        • Calvin C. Avatar

          5 star rating Last time I found a moving company which was Long Distance Movers. I contacted with them. I felt very much grateful to these guys as they agreed to help me... read more

          Calvin C. 4/23/2016
        • Greg M. Avatar

          5 star rating Constantine and his crew just finished my two pickup move and they were great.

          Definitely use these guys

          Greg M. 5/10/2014
        • Jenelle S. Avatar

          5 star rating If you're looking for a moving company that's reliable, efficient and affordable, you can't go wrong with the Long Distance Movers! They moved my belongings from Los Angeles, CA all... read more

          Jenelle S. 10/25/2017
        • Yorin M. Avatar

          5 out of 5!

          Was overwhelmed going into this move but then my mood shifted into more of a positive one when dealing with the staff. Everyone was upbeat, and happy...
          read more

          Yorin M. 2/26/2017
        • Sierra C. Avatar

          5 star rating I recently got a new job at a distant location and decided that I should take it. The city where I work wasn't that far away, but it was far... read more

          Sierra C. 6/19/2017
        • George T. Avatar

          5 star rating I contacted them to provide a quote on moving from Pennsylvania to Texas, the response was quick and the sales rep, Mark, gave a reasonable quote with detailed price breakdown.... read more

          George T. 9/29/2017
        • Barbara W. Avatar

          We had some tricky details for our move that I stressed heavily on to the team at Long Distance Movers. They took into account everything and made sure to execute... read more

          Barbara W. 5/13/2017
        • Karan N. Avatar

          5 star rating Never had to move so much stuff and all in all within a short time. These guys handled business and kept things simple and effective, and all my furniture was... read more

          Karan N. 12/02/2015
        • Nannette P. Avatar

          We moved to last month. It was for the first time since I got married. I contacted with very few movers though there were many. These guys were the quickest... read more

          Nannette P. 1/09/2018
        • Lucia D.Seattle, WA Avatar

          5 star rating These guys were very reliable and also very trustworthy. My boyfriend and I were moving out for school as I needed to attend university. The movers were very pleasant and... read more

          Lucia D.Seattle, WA 4/21/2016
        • Pablo D. Avatar

          5 star rating Used this company to move some newly purchased music equipment to a new studio a few states away. Everything went pretty smooth. Nothing was damaged, items were packed well by... read more

          Pablo D. 2/25/2016
        • Gertie J. Avatar

          Fantastic moving service! They really take much pride in customer service. I called a week in advance for a long move across the country. Movers were prompt, enthusiastic, and handled... read more

          Gertie J. 9/14/2017
        • Marina B. Avatar

          5 star rating Fantastic moving service that keeps you feeling protected and safe. The price we got was upfront and very reasonable. They worked their hearts out from the moment they got to... read more

          Marina B. 11/02/2016
        • Emma K.Houston, TX Avatar

          5 star rating My Mom needed a new car and put me in charge of finding something that fit our budget. I decided to look online for the best deals and found a... read more

          Emma K.Houston, TX 1/23/2016
        • Katty P. Avatar

          My experience with LDM was memorable. From the very beginning of my move to the day of delivery they were easy to deal with and efficient . The movers took... read more

          Katty P. 1/18/2017
        • Ttt N. Avatar

          5 star rating We had a great experience with Mike, Konstantin and Arman. They worked very hard and moved an incredible amount of stuff. I would choose these guys again. You should too.

          Ttt N. 5/09/2014
        • Hanni P. Avatar

          5 star rating Kostya and izat helped me move a heavy couch and other items. They were great! They did an awesome job maneuvering the couch with no damage to walls. They also... read more

          Hanni P. 4/24/2014
        • Lexa H. Avatar

          5 star rating Had my car shipped from California to Georgia. Customer service was very nice and my car arrived safe and sound. They also will keep you updated and text you prior... read more

          Lexa H. 5/07/2018
        • A M. Avatar

          5 star rating Have you ever been truly satisfied with a company within the service sector, not just buying a product but actually having some group of guys solve a problem for you?... read more

          A M. 7/16/2016
        • Irina B. Avatar

          5 star rating I was worried when I had to move belongings out of state. Thank to these guys everything went smooth. The staff is real nice & professional ( which is HUGE... read more

          Irina B. 12/07/2015
        • Ernie W. Avatar

          5 star rating Really great guys, had to move apt and also move stuff from a storage unit to my new place. It was so hassle-free that I would definitely recommend to anyone... read more

          Ernie W. 12/08/2015
        • Tonee D. Avatar

          5 star rating Long Distance Movers is the real deal. LDM is the only way to go.

          Tonee D. 1/20/2016
        • Kathy M. Avatar

          5 star rating Hayk and Edgar were the best movers that I have ever used.
          They were on time, worked fast and took extra care with all of my belongings. They were so friendly...
          read more

          Kathy M. 6/19/2014
        • J T. Avatar

          5 star rating This review is for vehicle shipping.

          Long Distance Movers were very easy to work with and provided great service. They were not pushy (like other movers were) and had no...
          read more

          J T. 10/06/2017
        • Cosette S. Avatar

          5 star rating I used Long Distance Movers for my move from Seattle to Austin back in July 2017. WOW They were great.

          Let me start by saying that I used another moving company...
          read more

          Cosette S. 11/02/2017

        Make your move simple with Long Distance Movers

        We are dedicated to helping you relocate your car, office or home efficiently and with as little stress as possible.

        We will assist you with packing, provide moving boxes and other moving supplies, help with unpacking, storage units for your belongings, as well as regular and enclosed auto transport.

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