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Information on Moving Insurance for Your Belongings

moving insurance
When handing over all your material belongings to a moving company, it is completely reasonable to experience concerns and doubts regarding the safety of your valuables. Many people fear that some of their items might get damaged, broken, or even stolen in the process of relocation.

The good news is that with Long Distance Movers, all your belongings are insured. The insurance takes effect from the moment our professional movers begin handling your items (be it for the purposes of packing, or simply loading them into a moving truck), until they are delivered to your desired destination or unpacked by our professional packers.

Basic and Third Party Insurance

The basic insurance that we provide to each one of our customers has a rate of $0.60 per pound of a damaged item. This means that, for example, if your five-pound table lamp gets damaged or broken during the transport, the company is only required to reimburse $3. We are aware that this is a significantly low amount of money, especially when taken into consideration that many items carry high sentimental or monetary value. For this reason, Long Distance Movers advise their customers to purchase additional insurance in the form of a “third party insurance”. They offer affordable rates and will insure your belongings at their full value.

Transportation of Items of Great Value

Full coverage of transported items is the responsibility of the client, not the moving company. In addition, the law prohibits professional movers from claiming responsibility for items of high value, such as money, expensive jewelry, or documents of significant value. For this reason, we recommend that you transport such items personally.

Reimbursement in Case of Damage

Long Distance Movers work hard at making sure that your belongings suffer no damage. However, in case such an accident occurs, both parties, the client and the movers, are required to discuss the matter at the spot and determine the cause of the damage.

If it has been determined that the moving company’s staff is at fault, the company will assess the damage and attempt at repairing it. If both parties agree on the amount of the reimbursement, the payment will be carried out at the spot by the Long Distance Movers’ representative.

However, if the customer and the company’s representative cannot agree on the value of the damaged items or the reimbursement amount, the moving invoice must still be paid in full, since insurance regulations do not deem damage claims valid unless the moving process has been paid for. In this case, after the relocation has been completed and the payment has been processed, a damage claim can be filed, and Long Distance Movers will compensate for any damage made.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the insurance of your items, feel free to contact Long Distance Movers today and request more information. Our staff will be more than glad to provide you with moving tips, as well as details about our moving services, including residential and commercial moving, auto transport, storage, and professional packing services.